How We Met

We first met at Cowboy Jack's bar in Bloomington, Minnesota. Erin was very sober (wink wink) and Joe was pretty hungover. Joe still rallied by having a few drinks with Erin and dancing together. At the end of the night Erin wasn't going to give Joe her number, but her Shakopee friends knew Joe was a great guy. They ended up giving Joe Erin's number... and the rest is history. 

How He Proposed

Joe planned a surprise 30th birthday party at The Muddy Cow in Shakopee, Minnesota. He told Erin he got a hotel room for her birthday and they could get dinner at the attached restaurant. When entering the restaurant Joe bolted towards the kitchen. As Erin was yelling at him that they can't go into the kitchen, the party room lights flickered on and a huge surprise was yelled by all of Erin and Joe's family. Everyone, parents, step-parents, sisters, grandpa, and so many more where there.

After fun pictures and opening a few gifts, it was time for Erin to cut the cake. Joe handed Erin a note and told her to read it out loud after blowing out the candles. The note outlined how there was only one perfect gift, and when Erin turned around Joe was down on one knee. Before he even had the opportunity to ask, Erin jumped on him and gave him a huge kiss!! She was SHOCKED!!!!

What We LOVE to do Together

- Joe loves to fish. Erin loves his fish-fry's.
- Camping, tubing, and attending endless country festivals. 
- Riding the motorcycle in the summer.
- Riding the snowmobile in the winter. 
- To travel and trying new adventures.
- Mexico on his mom's family vacation (twice)
- Vegas with his and her family (three times), 
- North Dakota (once),
- Arizona (twice)

... and so many more adventures and memories to make together!

How we decided on a destination

For Erin, she always dreamed of a beach destination wedding. Joe, not so much. There were multiple discussions, late night talks, and options that were pitched to each other.

Ultimately the couple decided to have the full shebang on the sandy beach of Mexico. Joe specifically said to Erin, “If this is what makes you happy, then it makes me happy too.”