Lauren Malone
Maid of Honor
The bride's sister and one of her best friends! These two talk at least once a day. Although they fight like sisters, they also love each other like sisters.
Megan Gunderson
Matron of Honor

Littlest sister of the bride. Megan just recently married the love of her life, Adam Gunderson. Erin and Megan are also best friends and talk daily. 

Kelsey Mason
Sister of the groom. She helped Joe pick out the wedding ring and plan the engagement party. To say she's an important part our life is an understatement. She's pretty awesome... and fun!
Nicole McNosky
Oldest sister of the groom. Nicole has always supported and loved Erin & Joe's relationship. Erin and Joe admire Nicole's never-ending love and support for her three kiddos.
Patricia Grover
Mother of the Bride

Momma has ALWAYS loved, supported, and embraced Erin & Joe's loving relationship. Her willingness to always help because she knows it will make others happy is admirable. Add momma's hilarious and outstanding personality, and she's just about as perfect as she sounds!! 

Shelly Hoberg
Mother of the Groom

Shelly welcomed Erin to their family with open arms from the very beginning. She is always willing to host events as long as it means she gets to spend more time with family and friends. 

Carol Coffey-Malone
Step-Mother of the Bride
Carol and Erin formed a special bond after Erin put her through the wringer while dating her dad. The love, respect, and connection shared with Carol is extra special and rare.
Michelle McNosky
Step-Mother of the Groom

Michelle's hugs, giving heart, and love for golf makes it easy for anyone and everyone to love her! She has a special place in Erin & Joe's heart! 

Steve Malone
Father of the Bride

Erin & Steve have always had that special father-daughter bond. Adding Joe as his son-in-law is the icing on top of the cake! 

Doug McNosky
Father of the Groom

From their dancing skills to their personalities, Doug and Joe are very alike.

Kurt Grover
Step-Dad of the Bride
Kurt showed Erin and Joe just how much fun camping, farming, traveling, and how to always have a great time.
Scott Hoberg
Step-Father of the Groom
Scott is the life of the party, is always willing to have a great time, and is a big teddy bear at heart.
Curt Pool
Grandpa of the Groom
This is our last grandparent alive. To say he holds an extra special spot in our heart is an understatement. This man introduced Joe to his love for fishing, is the family anchor, and has a heart of gold.
Rachel Beranek
Personal Attendant

One of the bride's best friends in college. They formed a bond over wine nights, break-ups, and getting multiple under-ages together. 

Liz Stecklein
Personal Attendant
This friendship sparked in college. Although, these two only lived a few small towns apart and played each other in multiple sports. Their friendship blossomed from there and only continues to grow.
Sam Kraemer
Personal Attendant

This tall, coffee loving, business women was a next door college roommate to Erin. They bonded over singing and playing guitar, break-ups, and always "studying" (definitely not partying) together. Sam attended many Malone family holidays, and lived with Lauren and Megan in college too. Sam is not only special to Erin, but holds a special spot in all of the Malone family's heart!

Mckenzie Swartwout
Personal Attendant

Another amazing college friend that bonded with Erin over their love for working out. This incredibly smart, beautiful, new momma is someone who always knows how to have a great time... backbend and all.